BB Merchant Services expand into North America

BB Merchant Services expand into North America. We start with the USA! We’ve long since had ambitions to enter this region. In addition, we completed a detailed feasibility study some 4 years ago now.

Finding the right partner for BB Merchant Services to expand into the US was critical

The key to the US launch was to find the right partner. Also, a partner with the right blend of personal and professional credentials. Also, expertise in the right city within the USA, and with a proven track record of building and delivering independent merchant services consultancy to this globally important marketplace.

So, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Scott Conti, as BB Merchant Services CEO, USA, based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Providing the US with independent, consultative and customer-centric services

Providing the US market with the same independent, consultative and customer-centric services as other markets is in our DNA. In addition, the US team will go beyond benchmarking to provide the best, independent banking and merchant services support to clients.

Now, our in-depth knowledge of markets, our global benchmarking capability and our extensive international network will deliver successful results for our US clients.

Read the full launch update and details

Finally, click the link below to download the detailed update.

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