Ed Fillbrook joins BB Merchant Services as our latest Junior Partner trainee

Andy Mannion, a Partner for BB Merchant Services UK & Ireland, sat down with Ed and asked him about joining the firm and his excitement for the future.

Ed Fillbrook
Junior Partner, BB Merchant Services UK & Ireland
Andy Mannion
Partner, BB Merchant Services UK & Ireland

Ed, on behalf of the whole Group, a warm
welcome to the BB Merchant Services family. I’d like to
ask you a series of questions so people can get
to know you, so please answer honestly with
whatever first comes to mind:
Why have you chosen to join the firm?

Since 2013, I’ve loved listening to Dad talking on
conference calls with clients, banks and partners –
especially during Covid when he was working from home.
The meetings always seemed upbeat, friendly and focused.

I felt the energy and positivity and knew I wanted to be
part of this fantastic team. I want to be able to help clients
and work collaboratively with the banks. I know I can do this well.

Why did you choose not to go to University?

My sister Daisy went to Uni and came out saddled with
debt, although she did well and learned a great deal.
However, I believe I can learn more quickly and efficiently
by jumping in at the deep end (in a safe environment, with
BB Merchant Services UK being a family-centric firm). I respect
people who want to go to Uni, but it didn’t feel like the
right path for me. I will now have immediate access to
some of the best brains in banking, all of whom seem
helpful, open and willing to share and I’ll be able to soak
up their knowledge like a sponge as I learn on-the-job!

Both of my parents left school at the same age as me.
Both did professional qualifications and degrees at
evening school whilst working for a living. This approach
means no doors are closed to me in my professional
development by starting work immediately.
Also, this route means I get to earn enough money to pay
for my ever-rising petrol bill! I can always study further as
and when I want to.

Ed and his Labrador named “Chow” training during Lock-Down in Owslebury

What is your greatest fear?

Not living up to my potential and letting down my parents.

What is your greatest hope?

To follow in the footsteps of my parents and ultimately run
my own successful business.

What do you do outside of Bankbrokers?

I’m part of the Hampshire Multi-Discipline Athletics group.
We train three days a week at Winchester Track under our
Coach, Andy Fisher (of “Last Man Jumping”).I also weight
train, exercise regularly, and watch what I eat to ensure I
am in good shape to compete.

What is your most outstanding achievement
to date?

In 2019, I was lucky enough to compete in the English
Schools National Championships in Combined Events, in
the Exeter Arena, as part of Hampshire’s 4-man team. We
went on to win Team Gold.
In truth, I was a late replacement for Elliott Evans.
Unfortunately, he sustained a last-minute injury. However,
competing alongside my friends and amazing athletes
such as Harry Crosby, Ollie Thatcher and Brad Jenvey was
a real honour

Left to right: Ed Fillbrook, Harry Crosby, Coach Andy
Fisher, Ollie Thatcher & Brad Jenvey

What do you think you can bring to the UK team?

With age comes experience and confidence, but perhaps
I can bring further energy. I have some new ideas, and I
am very open-minded. I want to help the team grow and
succeed, but I acknowledge I’ll be the new boy for a good
few years yet!

What are your predictions from your A-Levels (as
you wait for confirmation of the results in August)?

I’m predicted 3 As, which is what I want to match my
sister’s achievements, but if I get an A in maths, I think my
dad (the old man) will be happy.

Any other pastimes/hobbies?

I’m currently enjoying learning how to play golf, which
is a great way to meet new people and do business in a
relaxed and enjoyable manner.

Ed receiving an award at The Belfry from Denis Sheehan,
Editor Hospitality and Catering News.
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